This Ford came in to have some sheet metal work redone and finished up. The rood had been chopped and partially finished, as well as a 3 inch section of the lower body.  We decided it was best to remake a lot of the sheet metal parts instead of trying to repair the work that had been started. This allows us to make for a nicer finished product.

The roof:

the rear of the roof where the sail panels transition into the quarter panel area needed a lot or work. This area had been done with cutting and splicing in sections of metal to try to get the roof to flow with being chopped. we replaces all these seams ans splices with new hand made sail panels to save on welding and repair work.

The door tops were welded to the roof in an attempt to make the car into a hard top. This left a large weld seam that was low and would need a lot of filler to smooth. so we are making new sheet metal to convert the car into a hard top and removed the weld seam at the door tops