Cornfield Customs Corking Tool

$ 100.00


Cornfield Custom Corking Tool.
A corking tool is a hand tool that is used in Metal Shaping and coach work to move material. The Corking tool is struck with a hammer and used a UHMW insert to make contact with the material. The UHMW can be machined or ground into any desired shape to fit your application. Corking tools can be used to tune up and finish off bead work, turn edges over a hammer form with out marring the parent material, clean up radius’ on an edge, doing bead work, as well as many others. A corking tool is a very versatile had tool that every metal shaper from beginner to master craftsman needs to have in his tool box!
Proudly Made in the USA
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                                                                    Includes aluminum corking tool body, steel striking insert, and 2 pieces
                                                                                             of UHMW to make multiple custom corking tips.
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