Deluxe Adjustable Rear Spring mount

$ 60.00


If anyone is like me and is always changing things on your hot rod like wheels and tires, it’s good to be able to adjust and fine tune the ride Height to hug the tires. You can do just that and with style with our new deluxe adjustable rear spring mounts. These are a U-Weld style mounts. They come in 6 flat plates and that you weld and finish out as desired. They weld on a 3 inch tube ( unless other wise specified when ordered). The kit comes with a pair of spring pivots like the one pictured. The kit has 8 pcs total. 6 bracket plates and 2 spring pivots.

These are available in two (2) versions. The “Standard” mount goes half way around the axle tube, and the “Wrapped” mount goes completely around the axle tube.

Weight 4 lbs

Standard, wrapped