Sheet Metal Shaping 101 ClassesWe (Mike Wagner, and Kyle Yocum) offer beginner based metal shaping classes 4 times a year, in  Our shop in Milford OH, a Suburb Cincinnati OH. Our hands on classes are designed for beginners as well as more experienced shapers. We go over the things we have found to be key points that need to be understood and perfected to be able to grow your knowledge and skill set in the metal shaping industry. In our metal shaping 101 classes we cover the following:

Paper patterning parts, lay out of shape and body lines, shaping metal with basic hand tools, stump shrinking, kick shrinking, kick stretching, planishing hammers, bead rollers, wheeling machines, power hammers, and reciprocating hammers.

Our classes are based around you, the students taking the class, and focus on the tools and skills you want to learn and improve upon. Our classes are very hands on all day, we give short demos of each process and tool, and then you can do the process or use the tool as we go while the information is still fresh in your mind. After all information has been covered we allow you to work on a small project we provide or that the you bring in that. This allows you to work on the areas you want to improve on in our shop with our equipment and us helping you along the way. These are fun classes and always make a lasting relationship with students attending.

Classes are held the third weekend of the following months

February – Cincinnati, OH

May – Cincinnati, OH

July – Cincinnati, OH

October – Cincinnati, OH

Metal shaping 101 classes cost $475.00 per person, they are a 1 day class and you can choose Saturday or Sunday for your convenience. space is usually limited. If you would like to sign up for a class please email us to get signed up today.

Mike Wagner –

Kyle Yocum –

Private or Small Sheet Metal Shaping ClassesWe offer smaller or private metal shaping classes as well as the 101 class. please email me for more info on smaller or private classes

Custom Built Frames – We can custom build you a frame to suite your Hot Rod needs. Whether it be a factory styled re-pop, or a full on tube chassis made of round or square tube.

Frame Modification– If a custom frame is not what you are looking for, but the frame you already have is not working for your needs. We can modify your frame to get the end result your looking for. We offer the following Frame modifications: Front and rear “Z” s, pinching, shortening, lengthening, bobbing, boxing, and sub framing.

Sheet Metal Shaping–  We offer a number of sheet metal modifications on all types of vehicles. We offer the following modification but are not limited to: Chop tops, custom Metal Shaping, rust repair, body panel fabrication and replacement, floor fabrication, frenching, sectioning, shaving, and body shaping and redesign

Suspension – We can set up or build most suspension systems there are on the market. We offer installation of air ride, and hydraulics. We install and set up more traditional suspension systems from straight axles to mustang II front ends as well. In house fabricated Four links, and custom control arms ( for some vehicles).

Welding and Fabrication– We offer welding and fabrication on any thing, even non car related applications. We offer in house MiG, Tig welding  on steel, aluminum, and stainless. We will work on everything from roll cages, fuel cells, wall art, and rot iron styled ornamentation.

CNC plasma Cutting– We offer parts design and cutting. no minimum on parts,  one or 100. no design fee for the first 30 mins on parts , or set up fees. or you can send us your CAD DXF file and we can direct import to our cutting system. From Custom wall art, to brackets and tabs we have you covered

Custom Bead rolling We offer a range of custom bead rolling. From simple floor patterns, to door panels or even wall art. We have you covered

If you have any questions about any of the work listed, or are needing work done not listed, please feel free to give us a call. if we are unable to help you, we will direct you to a company that can. thanks for looking at our site.