I contacted Mike Wagner owner of Cornfield Customs Ltd. back in November of 2009 after being impressed with the article and ad he had listed on Craigslist at the time. He set up a time and came over to my place of residence to look at my 1971 GTO and give me an estimate of restoring it for me. I was very impressed with his work I had seen on various web sites at the time and even more impressed to talk with and meet in person, he went over all the details of the work I wanted to have done which was all the major welding and repairing of the goats body panels and floor boards. He knew I was on a budget and could only spend so much a month on the project and was willing to work with what I could do, which is something I will be forever in his debt to just for offering that for me. As you can see through all the pics Mike has on his web site he is more that capable of working on any project you have even though the goat gave him hell the work he done on the GTO was so great that the paint shop doing the finish work on the GTO had nothing but good things to say for the way he done the metal replacement on the GTO. Mike also had to make some custom parts for the rear package tray which when he was done they looked just the original metal he had taken out, whether its bodywork or if you have a mower deck or patio furniture to fix I just call Mike and take it too his shop he is always more than fair on his prices and goes above and beyond for the customers.

We are very fortunate and lucky to have a shop like Cornfield Customs Ltd. in the Cincinnati area, it’s a throw back place where if you are out cruising around you can stop in and chat with the owner and enjoy seeing some of the amazing work going on there. Do your self a favor and before you get a rod built somewhere else stop in and see Mike and check out all the work on his web site and let him put a good machine together for you today!

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